By Jerry Sandusky

A compilation of drills designed to strengthen and increase all uncomplicated talents for linebacker play. Well-illustrated in an easy-to-understand type. comprises warm-up drills, stance drills, circulation drills, tackling drills, laying off blockers drill, run safeguard drills, and go speeding drills.

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The linebacker who lets the ballcarrier "escape" replaces him in the middle of the circle. Proper tackling fundamentals and techniques should be stressed. Page 59 Drill #48: Mat Tackle Objective: To teach proper tackling form; to provide the linebacker with the sensation of driving a ballcarrier to his back. Equipment Needed: One blocking bag; one mat. Description: A mat is positioned on the ground, and a bag is placed in front of the mat. The linebacker aligns directly in front of the ballcarrier.

Description: The drill is organized in the same manner as the lateral start drill (refer to Drill #14). The difference between the drills is that when the coach signals to one side, the players continue to slide in that direction until the coach gives them a signal to stop (all the while maintaining a good stance). The coach then gives a signal to slide in the opposite direction. After a number of direction changes, the coach signals, and the players sprint in a straight line for a distance of five yards, looking back over their shoulders at the coach.

The linebackers respond to the movement of the ball and move in the direction indicated by the coach. Proper alignment and stance should be stressed at all times. Page 17 Chapter 2 Basic Stance/Movement Drills Page 18 Drill #8: On Command Position Objective: To teach linebackers to assume a good defensive stance. Equipment Needed: None. Description: The coach has the linebackers spread out in one or more lines facing him. On command from the coach, the linebackers assume a proper defensive stance.

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