By Eric Flint, Andrew Dennis

The Thirty Years battle keeps to ravage seventeenth century Europe, yet a brand new strength is collecting strength and effect: the Confederated Principalities of Europe, an alliance among Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden, and the West Virginians from the 20 th century led via Mike Stearns who have been hurled centuries into the earlier via a mysterious cosmic twist of fate. The democratic beliefs of the CPE have aroused the implacable hostility of Cardinal Richelieu, potent ruler of France, who has moved behind the curtain, making universal reason with previous enemies to prevent this new possibility to the privileged and robust. however the CPE is additionally operating in mystery. a bunch of West Virginians have secretly traveled to Venice the place their complex clinical wisdom may possibly hinder the recurrence of the bad plague which lately killed a 3rd of the city-state's inhabitants. even as, the crowd hopes to set up advertisement ties with Turkey's Ottoman Empire, then on the top of its energy. And, most crucial, they wish to set up inner most diplomatic ties with the Vatican, exploiting Pope city VIII's misgivings concerning the activities of Richelieu and the Hapsburgs. yet a Venetian artisan concerned with the West Virginians can cause all their plans to come back to naught. Having learn twentieth century historical past books of the interval, he has turn into decided to rescue Galileo from his trial for heresy. The americans are divided on even if to aid him or cease him-and even if he succeeds or fails, the consequences might be catastrophic for the CPE.

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But he's worried— Get on back to Elene. She's been working the other side of this chaos, passing papers on the refugee merchanters. She's been asking questions of her own. " Apprehension hit through to him. " 27 Downbelow Station "She went home. She was tired or upset; I don't know. " He pushed himself to his feet, gathered up his papers, realized what he was doing, pushed them at Emilio and left in haste, past the guardpoint, into the chaos of the dock on the other side of the passage which divided man station from quarantine.

Sita saw her go; they couldn't get undocked ... all those people trying to get aboard. Fire broke out. And that part of the station went, that's all. " Fifty-six aboard. Father, mother, cousins, remoter relatives. A world unto itself, Estelle. He had his own, however damaged. He had a family. Hers was dead. 28 Downbelow Station She said nothing more, no word of grief for her loss or of relief to have been spared, to have stayed behind from the voyage. She gave a few more convulsive breaths, hugged him, turned, dry-eyed, to put a second dinner in the microwave.

No one could explain the weapon. They thought that it had come from the kitchen of one of the abandoned restaurants on dockside, a piece of cutlery unthinkingly left behind, by someone who had never realized the situation. He found himself exhausted beyond sense. He had no answers; station police could not find the offender in the lines of refugees which still wended their way out there across the docks, inching along to housing desks. A touch descended on his shoulder. He turned an aching neck, blinked up at his brother.

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