By R.K. Grasselli, S.T. Oyama, A.M. Gaffney and J.E. Lyons (Eds.)

The third international Congress on Oxidation Catalysis has its roots within the eu Workshop on Selective Oxidation held in Louvain, Belgium in 1985. Out of this workshop grew the first global Congress held in Rimini, Italy in 1989. the second in Benalmadena, Spain in 1992, and the third being held now in 1997 in San Diego, California, united states. Out of the small center of devoted and enthusiastic scientists assembled in Louvain in 1985, grew now a huge base of scientists and technologists from academia, and executive laboratories who're fervently pursuing the topic of oxidation catalysis and are keen and keen to replace their findings on the present assembly. the general subject matter of the third international Congress is ''Atom effective Catalytic Oxidations for international Technologies''. We selected this subject matter to stimulate the individuals to record their findings with an emphasis on retaining precious fabric of their catalytic changes, in addition to keeping strength, and that during an environmentally in charge demeanour. growth in the direction of this said objective is giant as evidenced via the large reaction of our neighborhood of their participation of caliber guides compiled in those lawsuits of the Congress.

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However, the addition of iron also was found to increase the Broensted and Lewis acidity of the compound; this acidity might be involved in the rate-determining step of the reaction, facilitating the polarization of the C-H bond. The ammoxidation of propane over rutile-based mixed oxides The synthesis of acrylonitrile from propane, as an alternative route to the industrial process which employs the olefin as the raw material, is carried out on catalysts which are based on vanadium and antimony mixed oxides.

Besides carbon oxides, acetic acid was the main by-product. Asahi also has patented Keggin-type heteropolycompounds containing vanadium, copper and alkali metals (27). The necessity for the use of salts instead of acids was also pointed out, in order to increase the catalyst stability. The use of a catalyst suitable for fluid-bed operation was also claimed, so as to allow continuous transport of catalyst from the reaction to the regeneration vessel, and vice versa. Also, alternate feeding of isobutane and of oxygen into the catalytic bed allowed higher selectivities to be obtained.

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