By Der-Hwa Victoria Rau.

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30 words). org 63 Puzzle #57: Level 8 - Tricky 1 4 5 2 3 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 24 23 25 26 27 28 © Philip M. org Across 1 would determine, would assign, would appoint 4 had walked 7 would ascertain 10 would uncover, would unveil 12 would depress, would discourage, would unnerve 15 would stop, would repress, would stifle 16 to pronounce, articulate, pronounce 19 would accredit, would impute 21 had inspected 23 would rid, would disentangle, would dishevel 27 would faint 28 would undress, would divest, would unclothe Down 2 will mingle 3 would overestimate 5 will revive, will resuscitate, will resurrect 6 had destined 8 would mingle, would confound, would admix 9 will yearn 11 would deduct 12 would defile, would smirch 13 would entertain, hostel, inn 14 would shed 17 would argue, would spar 18 would wander, would roam, would prowl 20 to consult, consult 22 would frighten, would startle 23 would distract, would divert 24 will precede, will forego 25 would stop 26 would clean Solutions: antecederão, articular, assearíeis, assustarias, cessarias, consultar, desanimarias, descontarias, desembaraçarias, desfaleceriam, designariam, desonrariam, despiriam, desvendaria, disputaria, distrairia, hospedaria, imputarias, marchara, mesclaremos, misturaria, perambularíeis, reprimirias, reserváreis, ressuscitarás, superestimarias, suspirarás, verificaríeis, verteríeis, vistoriaras.

Org 46 Puzzle #41: Level 8 - A Bit Tough 3 2 1 4 5 8 7 6 10 9 11 14 13 12 15 16 17 18 19 21 20 22 23 25 24 26 27 28 29 © Philip M. org Across 4 would attest, would certify 7 to shed, pour, shed 8 would surpass, would overcome, would surmount 10 would thresh, would thwack 12 would fertilize 16 would impel 18 would generate, would beget, would procreate 19 20 24 25 27 would accustom, would inure had confronted will incite had oppressed will fortify, will strengthen, will toughen 28 would accredit, would assign, would ascribe 29 would divide, would disintegrate, would detach Down 1 would admonish, would reprove, would berate 2 would overthrow, would fall, would hew 3 had constipated 5 would doze 6 had furnished, had purveyed 9 would protect 11 would correspond 13 14 15 17 19 21 22 23 26 would betray to wander, to roam, to prowl would oppose, would counteract to clean, clean, cleanse would confront would avoid will define to ascertain, ascertain, establish had turned, had revolved, had gyrated Solutions: abrigaríeis, acostumaríeis, afrontariam, arrostáreis, assear, atraiçoaríamos, atribuiríamos, certificaríamos, constipara, contrariaríeis, corresponderiam, derrubariam, dormitaria, espancariam, esporearás, esquivaríeis, fertilizaria, fornecêreis, fortalecerei, giraras, impulsionaríeis, marcará, oprimira, perambular, procriaríamos, repreenderíeis, separaríeis, superaríeis, verificar, verter.

Org Across 2 will define 6 had stopped 7 had constipated 8 will faint 12 had deducted 16 would fortify, would strengthen, would toughen 17 had stopped, had repressed, had stifled 23 will undress, will divest, will unclothe 24 will distract, will divert 25 will shed 28 will determine, will assign, will appoint 29 had overestimated Down 1 had entertained 3 would confront 4 had depressed, had discouraged, had unnerved 5 will wander, will roam, will prowl 9 would incite 10 had uncovered, had unveiled 11 had accredited, had imputed 13 would turn, would revolve, would gyrate 14 had mingled, had confounded, had admixed 15 had rid, had disentangled, had disheveled 18 will clean 19 would furnish, would purvey 20 will defile, will smirch 21 will ascertain 22 had frightened, had startled 24 had argued, had sparred 26 had oppressed 27 to mingle, mix, blend Solutions: arrostariam, assearão, assustáramos, cessáramos, constiparas, desanimáramos, descontáramos, desembaraçáramos, desfalecerá, designará, desonrará, despirá, desvendara, disputara, distrairá, esporearia, fornecerias, fortaleceriam, giraria, hospedara, imputáramos, marcarás, mesclar, misturara, oprimiras, perambularão, reprimíramos, superestimáramos, verificarão, verterão.

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