By Stefan Dienst

Amazonia is linguistically hugely diversified area with quite a few underdocumented, frequently heavily endangered languages. This paintings is a reference grammar of an Amazonian language spoken within the rainforests of Brazil and Peru. The e-book presents a entire perception into the grammatical constitution of Kulina, that allows you to be of significant worth to linguistic typologists and anyone attracted to indigenous languages of South the US.

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Rüf (1972) describes the ceremonial hunt of the Kulina after fieldwork in the village Zapote in Peru. Donald Pollock did fieldwork in the Kulina village Maronaua on the Brazilian Purus and has written on shamanism, illness and death (1985a, 1988, 1992, 1993b, 1994, 1996, 2004) as well as a variety of other topics (1985b, 1985c, 1993a, 1998, 2002, 2003). D. thesis (1994), based on fieldwork in the Juruá area, explores the significance of gender roles in various aspects of Kulina culture. A more recent publication is Lorrain (2000).

A distinction must be made between the obligatory morphophonological process of vowel fusion and the purely phonetic phenomenon of optional vowel contraction. 1 Phonological fusion When the prefixes ti- (second person) and i- (first person non-singular and quotation form) are attached to an inalienably possessed noun which begins with /a/, /e/, or /i/, the prefix vowel is fused with the stem-initial vowel to form a single phoneme /e/ in the case of /i-a/-fusion and /i-e/-fusion and a single phoneme /i/ in the case of /i-i/fusion.

Brought to you by | New York University Bobst Library Technical Services Authenticated Download Date | 7/26/15 9:57 PM 30 Phonetics and phonology The original underlying form may have been /oV/ in some cases and /owV/ in others, but since nothing indicates that such a distinction exists in the modern language, a uniform phonological representation for all morpheme-internal occurrences of [o̜V ~ o̜wV] is appropriate. The question is which representation it should be, /oV/ or /owV/. Arguments for /owV/: – The overwhelming majority of non-morpheme-initial syllables have the structure CV, not V.

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