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There were two reasons for this: firstly, I did not want to choose one particular orthography over the others as long as the decision has not been made by the speech community. To choose one of the existing orthographies would look like that orthography was somehow better than the others. While I do prefer digraphs to diacritics and slanted letters because they are easier to produce in handwriting and, in a language without consonant clusters, also easily recognized, both the Anglican and the Catholic orthographies are consistent and fully functional in themselves.

The neighboring, but not (closely) related language Lavukaleve also has a gender system, but with three classes and much less flexibility. The neighboring Oceanic languages do not have gender systems. The structure in the noun phrase is rather rigid. Only the modifier pono ‘only’ can follow the head noun, all other modifiers, including relative clauses and determiners, precede the head noun. Noun phrases can be very long and complex. There are two types of relative clause, both externally headed by the head noun.

STRESS There is no obvious pattern determining how the stems behave; there is no systematic difference in the combinations of vowels or consonants between the two groups: Stress does not change Stress changes "oru ‘to roll’ "lomu ‘to fill a container’ "bani ‘fence’ "basi ‘to vanish’ "ida ‘pana’ "iva ‘to become day’ "kuma ‘rain’ "kula ‘to be short’ "ravu ‘tribe’ "samu ‘food’ "sara ‘to reach’ "kabu ‘to move away’ Examples (1) and (2) show one verb of each kind in a commonly used nominalized verbal clause in which the stress is clearly detectable, aided by the pitch peak of the clausal intonation falling on the stressed syllable of the verb (see Sec.

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