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This noun is one of the irregular nouns which belong in class 1a by virtue of concord marking and plural formation although they begin with the vowel !. As we recall, this vowel was treated as an augment forming part of the root while the following nasal remains the class prefix since it determines concord. The feminine form Ü" #„Ó„1$%±&µKHQ¶EHORQJs in class 3a. Conclusion Of the different processes employed in derivation and compounding in Bafut as presented in this chapter, derivation stands out as the most productive.

P. q. r. s. t. Ï' d"2­Ó±%k"13­Ó±' d",k,†1%k",k,†1' µRZO V ¶ µGLUW-HDWLQJELUG V ¶ µEDW V ¶ µFULFNHW V ¶ µKRQH\EHH V ¶ µZHHYLO V ¶ µOHDIPHGLFLQH V ¶ µWUHH V VWLFN V ¶ µ\DP V ¶ µHOHSKDQWJUDVV¶ (v) Gender 9/10 (Animals, birds, assorted nouns) (27) a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. '-{1$ µGRJ V ¶ µJRDWVKHHS V ¶ µPRQNH\ V ¶ µSHQLV¶ µDQWHORSH V ¶ µFKLFNHQ V ¶ µVZDOORZELUG V ¶ µVRXS¶ µD[H V µWKRUQ V ¶ k. l. m. n. o. p. q. r. s. t. &Â1$ µDQLPDO V ¶ µVRLOJURXQGHDUWK¶ µKRXVH V ¶ µVQDNH V ¶ µFXS V ¶ µKDPPHU V ¶ µSDODFH V ¶ µER[ HV ¶ µEXOO V ¶ µW\SHRISODQW¶ (vi) Gender 19/6 (Diminutives) (28) a.

K"¦dd From ¦db µWDON¶ Pref-Neg-talk Pref-Neg-talk µ2QHZKRGRHVQRWVSHDNPXFK¶ µ3HRSOHZKRGRQRWVSHDNPXFK¶ b. k"#$ÍÏFrom #$ÍÏ Pref-Neg-sleep Pref-Neg-sleep µ2QHZKRVHOGRPVOHHSV¶ µ3HRSOHZKRVHOGRPVOHHS¶ c. Ä µVOHHS¶ µODXJK¶ Pref-Neg-laugh µ2QH ZKR VHOGRP ODXJKV VHULRXV µ6HULRXVSHUVRQV¶ SHUVRQ ¶ d. k"ÑÏÓÏ"&±From ÑÏÓÍ'&± µ%DWKH¶ Pref-Neg-wash body Pref-Neg-wash body µ2QHZKRVHOGRPEDWKV¶ µ3HRSOHZKRVHOGRPEDWKH¶ e. k"%­Ó­"&¯From %­Ó­'&¯ µKHDUREH\¶ Pref-Neg-hear things Pref-Neg-hear things µ'LVREHGLHQWSHUVRQ¶ µ'LVREHGLHQWSHUVRQV¶ 2.

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