By A. Rendle Short, C. L. G. Pratt and C. C. N. Vass (Auth.)

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He also observed a rise in portal blood-pressure, dilatation of intestinal vessels, and extravasations in intestine. 3. Injection of crystalline substances such as NaCl or glucose leads to increased flow of dilute lymph without a rise in arterial blood-pressure, so apparently increased flow is not due t o increased filtration (Heidenhain). —Starling has shown that intra-capillary pressure may be increased, and considers rise of osmotic pressure following injection of these salts leads to hydraemic plethora, followed by increased outflow into lymph-vessels.

Centre, the cardio-accelerator. Efferent, cervical sympathetic. Starling's law may be studied by the heart-lung preparation : it is possible to maintain an artificial circulation through the heart and lungs isolated from the body. —Stimulation of peripheral end slows and weakens contractions of auricles and ventricles. Vagus escape occurs if stimulation protracted. Stimulation of central end slows heart because of preponderance of pressor afférents. Normal action, tonic inhibitory. Right vagus supplies S-A node, left vagus supplies A-V node.

The normal heart-beat is myogenic, being initiated by the S-A node. Action potentials accompanying cardiac contraction begin a t this node. From it the stimulus passes EVENTS OF CARDIAC CYCLE 51 to the auricular muscles causing their contraction. When the auricular contraction reaches the A-V node, an impulse is relayed in the A-V bundle down both sides of the interventricular septum to the Purkinje network and thence to the ventricular and papillary muscles. Because of the structure of the conducting system, the auricles contract from above down and the ventricles contract from the apex up, in this way squeezing blood in the right direction.

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