By Eleanor Arnason

Lixia and the contributors of her human group are decided to not disturb the lifestyles on the earth circling the megastar Sigma Draconis which they've got started exploring. however the factions at the mom send soaring above the planet may well create an accidental chaos for either the lifestyles in the world and the people exploring it. because the anger raises at the send, the floor staff turns into increasingly more stricken by the clash and starts off to depend on their instincts to maintain the undertaking relocating ahead. unforeseen chance plagues the venture as Lixia is set to extend her wisdom.

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Flower petals drifted down onto the trail. They were yellow or greenish white. In the afternoon it began to rain. She stopped and made camp under an overhang. She went to sleep early. Sometime in the night she woke. Her fire was still burning. On the other side of it was Enshi. He was plucking a bird. She lifted her head. He made the gesture of greeting, then held up the bird. It was large and fat. “I found it on a nest. I have the eggs, if they haven’t broken. ” “He wouldn’t talk to me. ” “You’re in my territory; and I thought you might be hungry.

The person touched the side of my head, feeling the hair there, then touched the hair that flowed down between my shoulder blades. ” I reached back and took the clip off my hair, shaking my head. The hair flew out. My host started. He or she took hold of several strands and tugged. For a moment I stood the pain, then I said, “Hey,” and touched—very lightly—the furry hand. The person let go. —and waved me toward the fire. Other people appeared, wearing kilts or tunics. I saw more necklaces made of copper and belts with metal buckles.

It was the person who had broken up Nahusai’s party. ” I said in the native language. He or she made a gesture—a vertical slash—then turned and walked away. I went back to the house feeling a bit nervous. The person had radiated hostility. Who was he or she? I couldn’t ask. I didn’t know the right words. For the next half-dozen days the sky remained clear. The weather was hot. Yohai and I worked in the garden. Mostly, we brought water from the river: pot after heavy pot. We poured the water out on the dry ground.

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