By Robert Huckfeldt, Paul E. Johnson, John Sprague

With no the adventure of confrontation, political verbal exchange between electorate loses price and which means. even as, political confrontation and variety don't consistently or unavoidably live to tell the tale. This e-book, as a result, considers the compelling factor of the situations that maintain political variety, even in politically excessive stimulus environments the place everyone is conscious of politics and the frequency of communique between voters is correspondingly excessive.

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In these pioneering studies of political communication and influence among citizens, the Columbia sociologists articulated a powerful and influential model of political communication and change during election campaigns (Lazarsfeld et al. 1948; Berelson et al. 1954). They argued that political communication among citizens becomes less frequent during the period of time between election campaigns, when the frequency and intensity of political stimuli decrease and people’s concerns shift away from politics to other matters.

Is disagreement politically disabling? Does disagreement render communication ineffective? These are important questions, and the answers to these questions are directly related to the prognosis regarding the vitality and possibilities of democratic politics. Within this context, we turn to a series of important explanations for the elimination of disagreement among and between citizens in democratic politics. Taken together, these explanations provide a strong set of expectations regarding the inevitability of political homogeneity within closely held networks of political communication.

Even if we accept the argument that people prefer to discuss politics with people who hold agreeable preferences, this is only one of the goals that they impose on the search for compatible associates. Moreover, the construction of a communication network occurs within pronounced constraints on supply. People reside in neighborhoods, workplaces, and organizations that circumscribe their opportunities for social interaction. Hence, even if you prefer to associate with liberal Democrats, there may be few opportunities to find liberal Democrats at the bank where you work.

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